Software Engineer - Frontend

Work Type: Full Time
About Affinity:
Affinity is an ad tech company which creates user engagement products (branding and performance) for digital media. It is in the business of creating sustainable and scalable advertising/media products with special attention to user experience. Established in 2006, Affinity is a 400+ employee company that operates 7 business units, namely - mCanvas, Siteplug, VEVE, AdopsOne, Nucleus, Opinary and Yield Solutions. For more information, visit

Software Engineer - Frontend

Work Location - Mumbai

  • You will be building extensible, testable, and readable code and services.
  • You will develop features to enhance the user experience and collaborate with designers and Product Owners along the way.
  • You will closely collaborate with other team members and actively participate in API design and usability testing.
  • You will be developing, maintaining, and improving the existing vanilla JS, React, Redux codebases.
  • You will be responsible for integrations.
  • You will create and maintain the CI/CD pipelines for all the frontend applications.
  • You will be ensuring web design is optimized for mobile.
  • You will be responsible for the speed, stability, and scalability of the applications you build.

Required Skills:
  • You have 3+ years of experience as a Frontend engineer.
  • You have a good understanding of asynchronous programming paradigms and request handling.
  • You’ve worked on a large project, and you’ve had the chance to run it on production.
  • You have a good understanding of WEB caching, CDNs, and WEB/Browser APIs. 
  • You know how to test your code and you are thorough with the test cases.
  • You can navigate and debug code that is not familiar to you.
  • You have knowledge about responsive design and browser differences.
  • You work with different technologies and frameworks, and you are open to learning something new. 
  • You have worked closely with designers, and you can anticipate the users’ needs.
  • You’re proactive and curious: always eager to learn new things and happy to share your knowledge with others. 
  • You communicate clearly about your progress, and you can anticipate your colleagues’ needs.

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